Friday, June 06, 2014

Falling behind February.

I barely remember what happened in February. I have got to keep up on this thing. 
FSU won the National Championship and Brian took the boys to Tallahassee to celebrate. 

While they were in Tallahassee I did a balloon job at the city Animal Shelter. I made $8. Lame. I also seemed to come home with this rag-a-muffin cat: 

 His name was "Larry" which was stupid, so we changed it to Jake. He LOVES ME. He was all snarky and hissing at everyone else, but I'd walk by and he would turn into a cuddle muffin. He also had some nasty eye infection. I had to bring him home.

Pinewood Derby is so different in our new ward. Basically it's just a normal Tuesday Night Activity. No special all day Saturday event. Easy Peasy! Stephen won too!

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