Friday, June 06, 2014

About April

April was another busy month. We started the month with a trip to my dad and step mom's house. We visited and went to her work's huge Easter activity. They rented out a baseball stadium. I suggested the party would be better with a balloon artist! It was! They ended up getting me and 5 other twisters, plus 5 face painters. I had a line for the entire 5 hours. It was a blast, but I was quite sore the next day. 
There was also an appearance from the Easter Bunny and a cool petting zoo. Ethan loves turtles so imagine his joy to get to pet this tortoise. 

We also went to the Fort Lauderdale Temple Open House. It was just beautiful. Everyone is invited to Open Houses, so we bought the kids and my Dad and Step-Mom. Going to the Temple is hard work so we got some frozen yogurt after. 

During Spring Break we had a beach day. It was not super hot yet, but still fun. Stephen found a dead jellyfish and had to play with it. (well really just pose with it. 
 Of course Ethan had to pose with it as well.
 Calvin played with is buddies including the deliciously chunky Jayda. Nom Nom.
 Look at this little girl's cheeks!
 Stephen was still rocking his long hair then. It was such a cool look. So cool he had to pose a bit. Besides these poses he spent the entire time boogie boarding. I don't know how he had the energy, we were there for a while.
 Stephen had his 9th birthday party this month too. He did a Pokemon theme. He wanted a plain cake though, so that's what he got. He and Ethan made up some Pokemon party games and the kids played those, they watched some Pokemon on TV and ate. OH we bought WAY too many pizzas, so I gave every family a whole entire pizza when they left. Now that's a fun party favor. :) How cute was this invitation, made to look like a Pokemon card.

 I made some cool balloons:
 I loved this Cat in the Hat. I made it for the school when I did a school show. I also made one for a party, but the party got cancelled at the last minute. I didn't really mind. More time with the family! (Sorta minded, but telling myself that makes me feel better.)
 I also had surgery in April. Hysterectomy. It was brutal. I had no idea it was going to HURT so much. The recovery was pretty quick though. (technically I'm not recovered yet as of June 6th, but I FEEL fine, so I'm counting it) I don't do well on codeine based drugs and that was the only thing that took care of the pain for a few days. It was awful. I have the weird reaction where I cannot sleep on them. So I got tireder and tireder then would have weird fitful sleep. When I wasn't on it I was in mega pain. Just gross. Anyhow after about 4 days on that I just threw it out. Had a few days of icky pain, then started to feel better. In case you are burdened with curiosity about why someone as young as me would have such a surgery: I needed it. We tried 3 other options first and they were not successful. I already feel better. I didn't want more kids, I'm super happy with my three. That wasn't an issue at all. Also I have this weird heart condition and my cardiologist doesn't want me to get pregnant again anyhow. Which is fine, cuz I didn't want to anyhow. LOL. But really it was not something me and my Dr rushed into, but something we have been dealing with for over 10 years. And now, problem is solved. So that's good. I got a ton of help during recovery. Here are pics of Calvin playing at friend's houses, someone took him every day for a week for me. I also had meals for a week. It was awesome. OH and some of my friends can REALLY COOK. Just wow.

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