Monday, September 09, 2013

A day in my life

I'll do a full catch up post soon. I did get the house on Bess. I did sell my house. Both are totally closed. Marcia moves in here this week. I've been fixing up her part of the house.

This weekend we bought a "new" van. this one is only 13 years old. As opposed to my old van which was 17 years old. Moving on up!

then this happened:

I polyurethaned Marcia's wood floors this morning. Then I decide to put a coat on my upstairs too, it's all clean and it will be fun with brian out of town to have a cool sleepover downstairs tonight while it dries. I get the boys clothes down and diapers. Forget my clothes though. So I'm stuck in my pajamas with no change of clothes. Nothing is even in the laundry room because Brian caught up all the laundry before going out of town. 

That's OK though, I'll just chill in my PJ's. All I have to do it pick the kids up from school. 
Rest for a while then:
got in the car to get the boys, put it in reverse with the break down and it rolls FAST out of the driveway. Thank God no one was there. Right before I hit the neighbor's stuff I slam on the emergency break and it stops. I put it back in Drive and park it back in the driveway, again with the emergency break. Yes, the van I bough two days ago. No freaking breaks. 

Then I start walking. To school. Takes forever. 

Call Bell (our mechanic) on the way. He has a guy who will come tow it to him. 

Can't drive it, there are NO breaks. 

Also, how would I get home. 

So I'm walking. 

And walking.

Get to school. 

OH I"m in my PJ's. Don't forget that. I am in my freaking pajamas with no bra. 

Fort Caroline Elementary is great, they see me, get me inside, get me the boys, let me cool off a bit. 

Then we walk home. We are all the way by the Victorian houses (about half a mile) when I hear, "MAM!!!" and turn around. A teacher is running after me with cold waters! Wanted to make sure we were OK on the walk! 


Go to call this Allan person, couldn't call him yet because I had the keys, and he will need them. Phone is dead. 

Get home, Brian is doing the yard. Somehow him seeing me dripping sweat in my freaking pajamas is the icing on the crazy cake. 

Call the Allen person, he will be here in about 45 minutes, knows right were we are. Your mom said she can come up tomorrow if the car will be done. 

I'm SUPER sweaty. Can't shower though, can't go upstairs at all. Might take a hose shower later. .You know, when our friend is not doing my yard back there. 

No change of clothes though, so whatever. 

Gonna be walking to school a few more times. It's farther than we thought. 

I'll be the stinky woman in her PJ's. Oh I'll be looking hungry too because no freaking food! I was gonna go get some drive through or something. 

Next part is only for the ladies: 
Also, left some other stuff I need upstairs. MIGHT have enough to get me through. .Not sure though.

Now to count my blessings on this matter:
1. I have a great mechanic
2. That teacher! How nice of him! 
3. I have cool pj's that KINDA look like normal clothes.
4. I can afford repairs. 
5. A friend offered to bring me clothes. 
6. This does make a pretty great story. 

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Michelle said...

Erin! I missed this story! It does make a good story, but I think I would have been in tears of frustration!