Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Found this today. Well, my cat did. He was sorta licking it. No injuries or anything. After consulting the net and a friend Natasha, who rehabs injured wildlife, I knew what to do. I put him in this box, with this and a hot towel. Then put him in the crook of a tree near where I found him. Within an hour he was gone. I had peeked at one point and saw an adult coming around, sniffing, shaking the tail and so on. I guess she got him. So that's awesome.

Other annoying things happened today, but I don't care about them anymore because I got a squirrel back with it's mom.

In other news:
I sorta have downstairs AC, it's on but not zoned, they plan to work more on it tomorrow. Upstairs has always worked, but needs replaced to get up to date and such.
I hate my new van. I might like it later, but I hate it now. Like, want to leave it on the side of the road and just run, hate it.
I have been getting into the craft room some. I have a small TV in there, so I put that on for Calvin and do some crafting. That room doesn't have AC yet though, so not much work yet.


Michelle said...

You saved a squirrel! Yay! :-) Such a cute little squirrel, too.

Mary said...

Was wondering if you got the house or I know. Congrats. The story about the van and you walking in your PJ's was funny/relatable. Everyone has days like that. Glad you made it through.