Monday, June 10, 2013

Past few weeks

It has been crazy. We were going along all good. Loving our home and our lives. Then we decided to check again to see if any waterfront opened up that we might like. We do that ever so often. Go nuts and wonder about waterfront. So we find one. And it's pretty cool. But it has a whole Mother-In-Law suite. What would we do  with that we wonder. So we call my MIL. Guess what? She has been needing to ask us about the very thing. She needs to move in sooner than later. Well that's pretty inspired so we look at the cool waterfront house and get an offer in. AT THE SAME EXACT TIME someone else puts in an offer. They offer cash. I can't do cash right now. They win. No cool waterfront house for us. 

In the mean time we pray a lot and decide MIL does need to move in soon-ish. Like within the year. It is time to look for a place with a separate suite. So we look. We look and look. I fall for several that go under contract before I can even offer. What is going on? The housing market here is picking up in a  huge way. So weird. But we trust in the Lord and know something will work out. 

Then I see Bess. As in the house on Bess Road. I know online that I'm gonna buy this house. My husband is not as sure, but he wants to see it. I drive by it like 10 times before my agent gets me in. I know the school there, the parks (FOUR really close), I map out how to get to the grocery stories. I peek in the windows. I own this house in my mind. Here it is: 

 Look at those trees. LOVE. It is huge. The price is good. We get in. The MIL area is so nice, way bigger than the last one. Perfect. The boys all get separate rooms AND Brian gets an office AND I get a craft room. It has the coolest terraced backyard patio situation. Hardwood floors. Miles of cabinets. It does need a new roof and a new AC system. It's Florida people, can't mess around with that stuff. Even with those expenses it's still a good price. So we go home and pray. My prayer is something like, "Please let Brian know this house is perfect. Or let me know it's not... but I know it is." I'm sure Brian's is something like, "money, square footage, roofs, plumbing, electrical boring boring" Together we just ask for guidance. We go to bed. In the mean time I have been getting sick. Brian wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me he thinks we should put an offer in.

That offer was just officially accepted. We need a home inspection but otherwise we are good. We should be moving in about 40 days.

That means I have to sell this house! (New house purchase is not contingent on this house sale, but I can't just hang out with two houses, so I gotta sell this one.) So taking down photos and paintings, packing, repainting, carpeting, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. And I'm dog sitting and  hosting a friend's kid's party in the next month. (Neither one I'd give up for the world, love the dog and all the people involved, so no one offer to break those plans, I'll work it out)

So that's great for whatever this mystery illness is. It is the same one I always have. Sore throat, cough, mostly at night, tired... Then nothing and it gets better. I'm allergic to stress.

In other news Ethan had his birthday party. I am tired and can't blog all about it, but look at this awesome Tie Fighter he and Stephen built. Love those guys.

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Mary said...

Congrats on the new house! I'm excited for you guys. Hope you're feeling better.