Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calvin and sleep

For two nights in a row Calvin has messed up my sleep. Yesterday he woke up well before dawn and though it was time to get up and talk to Mommy. ONLY Mommy will do for this. So I got up WAY early. The night before Brian and I had been up way late too, so I was tired. And crabby. Then last night the same baby would NOT GO TO FREAKING SLEEP! He was up talking to me till 2am. If I left the room he would scream and wake up everyone else. Brian tried to lay with him but all he did was cry for me. WTHECKCALVIN! And today he might have slept in, but today is the day he CANNOT sleep in because I leave in the morning and am gone for hours. 

Look at my little sleep eating monster. SLEEPING. Brian lets him nap sometimes. If I catch him doing this in the middle of the day I wake him the heck up. Or take a nap myself. But isn't he sweet? 

Last night while talking to me he goes, "Mommy, guess what?" "mmmff,wha??" "Baby butt!!" "mmmmok" (these noises are me mumbling because I'm trying to sleep.) "Mommy guess what?" "mmmmzzz" "Shake your baby butt!!" then he jumps up and shakes his baby butt. It's one in the freaking morning, but still so cute.
 Anyhow I'm tried. But after picking the kids up at school I bring  them to the Children's Museum. Gotta let them play and also keep them out of Brian's hair, as he is working from home. I bring in my balloon stuff to work on a few things. And I'll be honest, I hope a few kids want stuff too. And they do! I ended up making a balloon for every single kid. Like 40 of them by the time I leave. (there was a group there.) And everyone loved it. If I had taken the offered tips I bet I would have made $30 to $50 dollars. I made:
monkeys on trees.
a pig
monkey on tree hat
ladybug bracelet
a football (which I'd never made and didn't like AND they wanted it in red of all colors, but the kids loved it)
I think that's it. I taught a few kids how to make their own swords and they loved that.
I'm exhausted, but it was so much fun! I have a party coming up for Church where I'm doing balloons and a charity event where I'm doing them too. (North Florida School of Special Education) So I'm excited.

Here is a recent creation. It is a snail. I LOVE his mouth.
 Here are some of my balloons. I have a lot of them. Yo

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Mary said...

Hey Erin! Sorry about the lack of sleep. That's a bummer. I spotted your Octopus balloon. How awesome is that!?