Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weight loss, Disney, house hunting, balloons...

We really have been busy. Last month we went to Disney twice. Here are some pictures:
 Calvin LOVES Ethan. You can so see it here in this pic. Total adoration.
 Calvin became a pirate. Jack Sparrow made it official. This was a big deal for him. Calvin loves pirates. That Jack Sparrow was REALLY good too.
 Splash park joy.
 Wet Ethan.
 Meeting Jake. HUGE deal.
 Stephen was always there of course, but he was serious about rides and such and didn't ever want to stop for photo ops. I did catch a few. Here he is with Ethan.
 Calvin was happy to pose though!

I could post 50 pics of Disney, but I think that covers it. We had a blast.

So weight loss. It is slow. VERY slow. I'm frustrated. But I'm way healthier too. I have been working out a lot and I can feel that I'm stronger and have more endurance. So that's very good. I have not lost much though. I did finally take "before" shots. Here they are (no makeup, in my pj's with wet hair, super duper sexy I know):
 One of the most fun things going on is the balloon making. I am thinking I really should consider parleying this into a job. I'm actually pretty good. And it is FUN. And seeing the kid's faces is GOLD. Look at this cute puppy balloon:
So I told you we were done with house hunting. Then Brian sees a house in our neighborhood that is for sale on the water. We love our neighborhood. We want water... We check it out. It is a bit of a financial stretch, but not impossible. It is huge. There are trees in the backyard that you could put swings or forts on. And there is water. It has a downstairs mother-in-law suite. My mother-in-law is interested. That would help the financial. Me, the MIL and the kids are game. Then Brian decides no. I will admit I'm confused and frustrated. I think it could be great. But I already live in a beautiful home that I love, so I'm not really upset. Maybe a little. I guess I'm torn because I can't tell how serious he is about looking for a waterfront property. waterfront is his dream. I want to see him get that. I guess if I have a dream it's a slightly larger house. But I'm not hung up on that. I am pretty much living the dream already. (the Mother-in-law part will have to be revisited. There may be a need there in the not too distant future, but my great house now does not have a possibility for that.) So that's that I guess. I'm trying to be a cool and supportive wife and not a shrew who insists on moving.

Kids are all doing well. Calvin got out of that not-sleeping-always-fussy thing. He is always happy and sleeps fine now. Ethan is back in school and doing great. His writing needs work, but otherwise he is fine. I expected that so I'm happy. He is actually enjoying it now which is new and great. Stephen continues to do great. He is a cub scout now and LOVES THAT. Here he is in his adorable uniform. He already has some new swag on it, he got his bobcat and two activity badges.
I painted the table and chairs in my dining room. I love it.
Well I guess that's all for now. Of course there was more, but that's all I can think of to add. We are good, happy, fairly healthy (cold going around the house) and having fun. Can't ask for much more. 

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