Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Do any of you have reoccurring dreams? I have had a few, some drop off, some I've always had.
1. Super hero/spy dreams. Not always the same, but a common theme in my dreams is that I have to save the world with either my super intelligence or some amazing martial art type powers.
2. Sharks. I'm not really afraid of sharks in real life, but in my dreams they always kill my dad. Which would suck. I like my dad a great deal.
3. Aliens. I'm totally freaked out by aliens. I'm actually not going to dwell on this because it will freak me out. But remember those Time Life Books on Aliens? They were HORRIBLY scary to me. Just the commercials, I never saw the actual books.
4. One where me and my mom are trapped in a bathroom. We can't get out and I cry and cry and my tears fill up the room and we both drown in my tears. This is the most upsetting for me. I always wake up terrified from this one. So much so that I have to get up and turn on lights and stuff. (because you are so less likely to cry yourself to death if the bathroom light is on?)
5. The house dream. I dream all the time about a certain house. Actually found this house on my recent house hunt. Freaked me out. But it had a sagging foundation and was in an area my kids could not play outside without armed escorts, so I didn't buy it. Two story, 100ish years old, lots of great molding/trim, my bedroom looks out over the back yard, which is fenced, storage under the stairs, play room next to the kitchen...
6. My least favorite: The normal day dream. Like I dream that it is tomorrow. Wake up and feel cheated. I mean no sharks, aliens, super powers or amazing houses? No fair! Also in that dream I always get something done that I've been putting off and wake up all happy that it is done, but nope, still need to do the thing.
7. Teeth stuff, usually that they fall out, sometimes they break.

So those are my most common ones. What about you.

I read that all blog posts have to have a  photo so here is an unrelated photo:
Calvin with fishing pole balloon

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