Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My A Muse Studio Came

My HUGE package from A Muse Studio came with my starter kit. I'm about to give you the painfully honest review.But first here are some things I made:

Ok first I'll talk about the kit contents as a whole. I think it's a great kit. I went with the delux kit and I'm glad I did because I love the inks (more on that in a second) and I got the print paper as well. I mostly wanted the inks and the extra catalogs. I think it's a brilliant kit because you get the sampler stamp sets, they put together a wide range of the stamps they offer. They are fun sets. No Christmas I noticed. I wonder if they will change WHAT the sampler sets are ever? Anyhow they are a great sampling of the A Muse stamp line. The downside is if I buy the sets some of the stamps came out of I'll have doubles. My only complaint about the kit is that there should be more cardstock. Two sheets each of about 10 colors isn't enough for me. I feel super stingy making cards. Of course I'm used to having nearly unlimited cardstock. I'll just have to order more. But I wish the kit had two packs of the assortment and a whole pack of white.

Specific reviews:

Ink. I personally LOVE this ink. It sits so nicely on the paper and the colors are fresh and true to what you see on the inkpad. It is pigment though and does NOT dry quickly. In some environments you may need to heat set it. It's crazy humid here and I didn't have to heat set, but I keep hearing that it's smearing for people. That is a shame. I think I'm willing to run that risk because I'm such a freak about color looking right. I absolutely disliked most dye inks. So I'm happy.

Cardstock: It's totally different from all other cardstock I've used. It's more like cardstock weight paper. The color is fresh and vivid, but only printed on one side. I love this because the inside of cards is a nice white. I think it's very professional looking.

Print Paper: It's the same as the cardstock but with a print.

Stamps: this is important.! They are cling mounted, and come in DVD cases much like the new SU stamps. You do NOT have to mess with the sticker lables though. They are printed on the foam! So you won't have that sticker not being clingy enough issue some folks had with SU. I LOVE that! They are also already die cut for you. They stamp great.

I think the rest of the supplies I got are pretty standard. The cleaner works great, the ribbon feels good. OH! You get a swatch book with all the cardstock colors. I love that because the kit doesn't include all the cardstock colors so I can at least see them all.

I'll let you know as I discover any new characteristics of the A Muse Studio stuff. I plan to make an order next week, I need more of the cardstock.


Anonymous said...

What a great review! I love your cards! You totally ROCK, my friend!

I think I need to order SOON! SMILE!

Chelsea said...

Cute cards Erin. Really like your review. Thanks!