Friday, March 11, 2011

More playing with my nails.

This is my newest nail art. I hand painted Chococat on my nail. It's not perfect, his ears should be fatter and more to the sides of his head and I have one of his wiskers sort of growing out of under his ear instead of nearer to where it should. But it's definately recognizable as Chococat, so I'm happy!

This really intense turquoise is two coats of Sally Hansen's Hi-Definition nail color in number 14 Spectrum, over two coats of Ulta's white polish. I love this HD polish because I've done it over a few colors now with totally different looks. It has a slight holographic effect to a purple-ish color. Fun stuff.

I'm really having fun doing my nails. I know it's such a simple thing, but making that 30 minutes or so every few days to pamper myself is bringing me great joy. All the kids in my life are enjoying it too. Kinda makes me wish I had girls so I could have all their little girl friends over for a nail art party.

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