Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Florida Super Jam pics and chatter

Did you know I am also a balloon artist? I mean in addition to being a mommy, teaching a Sunday School class and occasionally making cards. 
Well I am. Last week I went to a HUGE Balloon Jam. (think convention) I learned tons of new twists and figures, some awesome tricks with balloons, one magic trick and lots of business info. I also met some of the coolest people ON THE EARTH. 
Here are some pics! 
Ken Stillman Super Hero. Ken is a super balloon celebrity by the way.

Me and Bauldy the Clown of youtube fame. I actually totally geeked out of meeting him. 

Jerry Crab. He's a clown and balloon artist. He taught me my favorite trick "tearing a balloon". 

Dale Campbell teaching his famous baby seal figure. 

I can't remember who made this Tardis, but it is awesome sauce.

Sanders' Nyan cat. He made this huge thing in response to my "what kind of fast cat do you make?"

Mermaid from Mattson's webinar. With some tweeks to fit balloons I happen to have this mermaid is the one I'm gonna be doing from now on. LOVE HER.

Other balloon chatter:
*I know what I charge now.
*Balloon Artists know how to party.
*Bauldy the Clown rode in my car!
*bee bodies are more useful than I thought
*everyone is really nice
*stuffed toadstools are HARD
*I need better hand moisturizer
*spider eyes - not just for spiders
*spider eyes, should come in white
*you can never have enough white rounds
*I need more magic tricks

Well that's about all. I mean, it's not all, but it's all I can remember right now. Latex hugs, Erin

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The Great Wandini said...

Glad you had a FUN time @TheFloridaSuperJam2014