Thursday, January 02, 2014

Delightful December

December flew by. We went to a bunch of parties, including one where I made this peppermint cake:
 We did a ton of activities in the community activities, light shows, Nativities... I made balloon animals at the Catty Shack Ranch, which is a exotic animal rescue place here in town. We saw a tree lighting downtown that had this adorable sleigh Calvin sat on:
 And you could tour the Mayor's Office and sit in his chair:

 Even though we always swear we are scaling back on Christmas this always happens:
Sooooo many presents! Even more appeared before it was over. But most of it was books so that's fun. I got he boys TONS of books at he Friends of the Library used book sale. They loved them.

As busy as December was, we expect January to be even more so. Just wait for that update, I'll try to take a bunch of photos.

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