Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Calvin is home!

I went in yesterday for the induction. Here is the birth story:
They induced me at 9:30am and I had him at 12:30pm.

It sort of went too fast for Brian. He had left to go home, make lunch, vote and come back. When she came in to check me a few moments after he left (without our one cell phone) she said, "Oh where is your husband, you are really close at 7cm" Well with Ethan, the time between 7cm and baby delivered was just an hour. So I called home hoping to catch him and tell him to skip the voting. 20 minutes later I felt the "urge to push". I was shocked. I called her in and yup, baby was right there. Like I could touch him. RIGHT THERE. I didn't catch Brian! He was on his way, but I was ready to push NOW. Thank heavens we live close. My Dr said it was ok to wait as long as I could stand it. Baby was looking great on monitor. Brian walked in expecting more labor, baby was out within 3 minutes of him walking in. Everyone was suprised at how fast the delivery went. I loved it. I mean I was overjoyed. I didn't break a sweat, didn't strain, just popped him right out.

I guess because the delivery was so super easy I've felt great. I'm sleepy, I didn't sleep great the night before and last night I had a brand new baby wanting to nurse every few hours. But otherwise I'm fine. (Yeah, a bit sore, that's expected) I cannot believe how easy it all was. Makes up totally for the rough pregnancy.

Calvin is perfect. He has brown hair, which was my wish. He barely cries, the nurses were all amazed. I mean like he's cried out twice at all. But he's breathing fine, nurses great, no jaundice at all. Sleeps in nice chunks mostly. He fell alseep in the car on the way home and is still sleeping in the carseat right now. (about 1.5 hours) He is already trying to hold his head up.

Well that's the birth story. :) Love you all.

This is one of my favorite pics. Ethan is in LOVE with his new baby brother. Stephen is not so much. He's ok about him but he doesn't like babies just on principle.


KER said...

handsome boys ya got...and glad you had an easy labor...that dad didn't miss the daughter was quick with her kids too...i missed one by 1/2 all be safe & be well

Cathy at Paper Garden Projects said...

Awesome!! Congratulations :)

Thanh Vo said...

Congratulations on a healthy Calvin, Erin!! All the best to you. Hugs.

pescbrico said...

Congratulations!!! Your new boy is really cute! Take care of you all! HUG

Robin said...

Wow! Congratulations to you and your family! :)