Friday, December 14, 2012

Felt Board

 Did you know that felt boards are back in? Oh yes, so super retro trendy hot right now. Of course I don't have the skill or patience to cut things out of felt. (watch I'll be doing it next week) So I decided to make a cardstock version. I used my Cameo to cut things with cardstock, then "laminated" them by covering them with packing tape. Attached a bit of the felt on the backs of them and there you have it!

This Nativity Scene is by Lettering Delights. You can also put your fingers in the holes and make them a little finger puppet set. Cute!
 In this picture you can see the whole board. I put fleece over a sheet of foam board and taped it to the back. With packing tape. Also you can see the 1-10 counting set I made. Took forever but how stinking cute! I'm not going to credit all these, because they are from all over. Most are from Lettering Delights though. They are my favorite.
I'm going to make a smaller board too, then I can grab a baggie of a set and the board and have something quiet to keep him occupied on the go.

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Mary said...

Cute Nativity set and a great idea for on the go with little ones. I've been checking your blog for some time now...glad to see you pop back in.