Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chore Chart

Tonight I made a fun chore chart for the kiddos. 
 Each kid has every day chores that are in their color. Stuff like "make your bed" and "put away dishes" are in there.  Then the "take one" chores are special things, they only have to do one of those a day. These include, "wash dishes" (which is a new chore so they are not all the time doing it yet) "dust baseboards" and "clean your bathroom". As they complete their daily chores they move the sticks to the "all done" envelope, so they get to see their accomplishments for the day.
I have hanging issues with it. If I put it on the wall high enough that the baby won't pull it apart Ethan cannot reach his sticks. So this fridge thing seems to work for now. :)


Charlene Austin said...

Hey's been forever since I've visited your blog! I just wanted to tell you that your email appears to have compromised and sending out Spam stuff (I think that's what it would be called). Would you mind removing my email address from your computer address book? Thanks much!

Mary said...

Love this Erin! Totally cute.