Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gifts for Strangers

So I saw an AWESOME youtube video the other day. It is about Gifts for Strangers. I am so totally inspired! I'm so doing this for next year. I'm going to collect up cool gifts I find, good deals and such, all year then go out with the boys and give them all to strangers. If any of my local friends want to join me let me know, if any of my not-local friends want to join go on the site and they have all the info.

I have a related story to share. When we went driving looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve we saw a house that had a nice sign saying they had a living nativity going on. It welcomed us to stop and get out and see it. It was so nice, a friendly party of strangers, they had hot cocoa and cookies, and the nativity and a Shepard (who was the homeowner) telling the Christmas story. Then he invited the boys to take presents out from under his tree. He probably had 50 wrapped gifts under there. The boys each took one, they were super grateful. We opened them on Christmas. Stephen got a cool nativity ornament that you put one of your tree lights into and it glows, Ethan got a full children's nativity set. I was blown away at the time and expense and love that went into such a wonderful Christmas gift to that man's whole community.

My other Christmas inspiration, came too late for this year as well. We LOVE driving and looking at Christmas lights. I always wish I could let the homeowners know how much joy it brings our family. So next year I'm going to make up a bunch of Christmas thank you cards, we will all write in them, put them with some candy and when we see a house that really touches us one of us will jump out and deliver the card to the doorstep. Yall feel free to keep me to this plan. I'll try not to have pneumonia next year.

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hotel mom said...

I love the thank you cards idea! It's a tradition to put on our pjs and drive around one night to look at all the great lights and come home to hot chocolate. I'm sure the homeowners would love to know their lights are appreciated. Where was the nativity guy? I want to visit their next year!