Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Halloween

Of all the recent cards, somehow this simple one is my most favorite.

I've long loved this stamp. I got it in one of those cheap dollar bins at Michael's Craft Store. It is one of my few Halloween stamps that I still have and I doubt I will be getting rid of it.

Just for fun, I also made this:
This is Stephen's Mummy costume for this year. I have sense added legs to it, longer ones I mean. He loves it. He also insisted on all that blood, although you rarely see mummies with blood. I want to wash it off for a more authentic look but he LOVES it. :) We dust it all with baby powder so he's all dusty and stuff. Fun! We have already had one Halloween Party! We always have a ton of Halloween festivities.

I didn't make the other boys' costumes, Ethan is a turtle and Calvin is a shark. They are adorable, I'll get pictures on here in the next few days.

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